Spectacular Singapore

Singapore has reinvented itself as one of the world’s best destinations. With sharp and constant contrasts all over this area you will struggle to find a more diverse and vibrant holiday experience anywhere else. The phrase ‘City in a Garden’ has been used to describe this magical location in which ancient forests and contemporary architecture blend into one. Old school jungle huts, chic cocktail bars and everything in-between, Singapore is a city of riches both natural and man-made. Singapore offers travellers so much more than just a stop-over destination, there is a wealth of culture and fun just waiting to be discovered..

Attractions of Singapore: 1. Esplanade Park: This centrally located Singapore park is bound by Connaught Drive, Esplanade Drive, Stamford Road and the left bank of the Singapore River. The historic park was established in 1943 and was redeveloped in 1991. 2. Raffles Statue: Along the Singapore River promenade you will come across two statues of Singapore's founding father, Sir Stamford Raffles. One of the statues is at the Raffles Landing Site and is made of white polymarble. 3. Merlion Park: This park gets its name from the famous statue which adorns its lawns. The Merlion is a fish and lion mix and the national symbol of Singapore. The park is located near Marina Bay 4. Night Safari: Night Safari is a unique safari park which is only open at night (7:30pm to midnight) and offers visitors the opportunity to experience the animals at night. Unlike some zoos where night conditions are recreated with lighting, here you can see the real animals in the real night! 5. Singapore Flyer: This must-do attraction is a huge observation wheel where you can get 360° views of the city and on a clear day see as far as Malaysia and Indonesia. It is located in Marina Bay and is the largest observation wheel in Asia. 6. Marina Bay Sands: Rising from the Singapore skyline is this man-made wonder, a building comprised of three towers spaced widely apart and connected together at the very top by a long floor which spans all three of the towers and the gaps between them..